Ashley Wood Festival 2013

Patron: Ralph Fiennes Artistic director: Jim Driscoll

"This is what all festivals should be like" (Fyfe Dangerfield)

This summer, our season consists of the following events (see below for further details)

Phantom of the Opera Friday 5th July, 8.30pm - The Phantom of the Opera with live soundtrack by Zaum

A Candle: Songs of Freedom Saturday 6th July, 3pm - A Candle: Songs of Freedom

Jesse Owens Saturday 6th July, 7pm - The Sharecropper's Son (world premiere)

Two Destination Language Saturday 10th August, 1pm onwards - Family Theatre Festival, suitable for children and adults

Kate Denny Saturday 28th September, 5pm - harmony singing workshop with Kate Denny

Louise Jordan Saturday 28th September, 8pm - folk music concert