Ashley Wood Festival 2013

Patron: Ralph Fiennes Artistic director: Jim Driscoll

"This is what all festivals should be like" (Fyfe Dangerfield)

The Spice Box - Michele O'Brien

A mysterious spice box has been washed up and captured. What is its story?

Full of eastern promise, its many drawers hold nutmeg, cinnamon, and more, as well as tales of pirates and kidnapping.

With stunning puppets, this family show tells the story of the daring voyages to bring back spices, at a time when spice was more valuable than gold.

The Spice Box

Street theatre storyteller Michele O'Brien is a character actor who creates visual performances which take the listener on a journey into their own imagination. She is also an experienced Drama Practitioner interested in working in the Early Years sector with story-telling. She created Poole's award-winning Granny Cousins Ghost Walk. See

'Engaging and creative' (Salisbury Arts Festival)

'Beautiful quality' (Poole Street Arts Festival)