Ashley Wood Festival 2013

Patron: Ralph Fiennes Artistic director: Jim Driscoll

"This is what all festivals should be like" (Fyfe Dangerfield)

Two Destination Language with Kitty has no Pity

Kitty is a gym instructor like no other. She just doesn't accept dropouts. Then again, she believes in keeping the exercise well within your ability level. Whether it's fingers or hips you want to twirl, she's your girl. But it wasn't always so...

Kitty has no Pity

Get ready because this will be FUN! Kitty is fun, demanding, bizarre, sexy, outrageous, a bit cheap and above all very, very brave. Kitty, like a gymnast, does one movement very well: she hula hoops. Not just hula hooping, but continuing to hoop for unlimited time, dancing while she hoops, Kitty transfers her skills and enthusiasm to a joyous participating audience. Kitty has no pity–the art of not giving up looks at all those lost childhood and childish moments of playful learning, exercising and gaming. Throwing caution to the wind this show encourages all ages and sexes to take to the hoop and other similar games.