Ashley Wood Festival 2013

Patron: Ralph Fiennes Artistic director: Jim Driscoll

"This is what all festivals should be like" (Fyfe Dangerfield)

Saffy Satohy with Kindling and Invisible Lines

Saffy makes beautiful images with bodies, the space between and simple objects. In Invisible Lines, she draws a person towards her with an almost invisible line, while Kindling is a performance exploring family relationships.


Invisible Lines

Part social experiment, part durational performance, Invisible Lines invites audiences members to participate one at a time. Walking together, our task is to hold a fishingwire taut between us. How do we negotiate space together physically in this relationship? How do we get to know each other and ourselves through this task?


Currently a work in progress, Kindling explores the relationship between a mother and her teenage son, Lois Taylor and Jake Taylor Bruce. Centred around Lois' and Jake's shared love for movement, Kindling invites the audience to share in the complexity and simplicity of this changing relationship. Weaving sound, visceral movement, and poignant imagery, Kindling is an intimate, engaging, and at times playful work. With a specially commissioned sound score by Nick Janaway encompassing live and recorded folk song, electronic, and found sounds, Kindling is a unique event inspired by love, humanity, and the passing of time.