Ashley Wood Festival 2013

Patron: Ralph Fiennes Artistic director: Jim Driscoll

"This is what all festivals should be like" (Fyfe Dangerfield)

The Burnbake Trust

The Burnbake Trust (charity no. 291726) is a charity based in Wilton, Salisbury. It was founded by the late Jean Davis in 1968 to help offenders and ex-offenders keep out of the penal system by introducing them to the arts.

The Trust was registered as a charity in 1975 and now, in addition to the work it does with offenders, has diversified and helps disadvantaged local people by supplying them with low-cost furniture and household goods donated by the public.

The Ashley Wood Festival has been involved with the Burnbake Trust since we began in 2011, collecting money for the charity at all our events. The Burnbake Trust also kindly loaned us a selection of sofas for use at the festival in 2011 and 2012, for which we (and the audience) were extremely grateful.

More information about the trust and their important work, including details about their charity shops and furniture warehouse, is available at